From the Desk of Ginny Moon

Day Trip to Clark Gardens

n the Summer, my boys and I like to take a drive to Clark Gardens in Mineral Wells.  Have you been there? Well, it's time you went!

Save Summer In A Jar

My family used to go canoeing in the summer, and my parents were always sweet to help me keep an eye out for small, flat stones with a tiny hole eroded in them from the river water.

Monday In The Mediterranean

Ready for another trip to the Greek Isles?

Mediterranean Hues

Surround yourself in the rich, beautiful cobalt blues of Mykonos, Santorini and Patmos.

A Little Remodeling Job

Are any of you remodeling right now?  It's not nearly as glamorous as it appears on HGTV, is it?

Wrap Up the Weekend!

This weekend, pick up a light-as-air scarf!

Hoops, Balls and Studs: My Take on March Madness

Alright, you've got me.  I know nothing about basketball.  Except that I've tried playing it and I'm really, really bad.  When I throw something toward the trashcan, my husband laughs and says, "Why do you even try?"
But it just so happens that I am an expert about earrings.
Impressed?  I thought you would be.

It All Started At The Youth Fair

My sister was old enough to be in 4-H, and they let the little ones like me enter a few contests to be a part of the action while our older brothers and sisters were off showing their chickens.

The Peplum

Are you thinking about rockin' a peplum this Easter? 

Don't be afraid of that ruffle around the tummy!  :)  Used strategically, a peplum can actually hide your flaws and give the illusion of slimmer legs and torso.  Here are a few tips for getting the most out of this fashion statement:

Spring Teen

I used to write a blog called Cute, Smart and Organized that was aimed at reminding you just how amazing you already are. The following is a post f...

Home Decorators Collection Guest Stylist Contest

A  few weeks ago, I entered a Pinterest contest with Home Decorator's Collection.   We were supposed to create pins for a board using HDC products.  I based my boards on - you guessed it - emerald.

Lunch With The Girls

Even little holidays make a fun excuse for a special get-together with friends. Today: a little inspiration for a lady-like lunch with your closest girlfriends.