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Hello, there! It's so good to meet you.

I'm Ginny: Wife. Mom. Country Girl.

Running out of Paper Since 1974

portrait ginny moon by Amanda Lane Photography

I am the pencil behind our designs, but the support, prayer, and the very idea of this little business comes from the five men of the house- my husband and boys.

 We dreamed of starting a family business creating original home and fashion products using my artwork. Thank you for being part of our dream!

I'm pretty sure I was born drawing fashion illustrations- not that I know what I'm talking about.

I live in a quiet area of North Texas, about as far away, on every level, from the world of fashion. My clothes are from T.J. Maxx, not Paris. (Even T.J. Maxx is pushing it- Have you ever been in the ladies' dressing room with four boys?)  And if you ever hear me mention the name of a famous designer, I can guarantee you it was only after Googling the pronunciation of the name that I dared speak it aloud. 

But one thing I do know is that I simply love to draw.

The folds and rustle and drape of beautiful fabrics...the sparkling eyes and frivolous poses of a girl who has just dressed for a big occasion... those are the kind of pictures that seem to me just begging to be drawn. And capturing the family she loves and the home she cherishes? Just too fun.

The girls in my pictures tend to be impossibly glamourous. 

Because I believe that is how the Lord sees you.

Think for a minute how you feel about your own children,

the most beautiful things you've ever laid eyes on.

He knows you are imperfect, but he is just so proud of the way you leverage your strengths to overcome your weak points. He knows you haven't accomplished all you goals, but he is touched by the way you gave up your own dreams to advance the dreams to others. He sees the tee, the ponytail, and the everyday, uninteresting but very necessary tasks as beautiful ministry. As his child, you are the most beautiful thing he has ever laid eyes on.

When you look at my pictures, I hope you feel pretty, loved and worthy. Because they are pictures of you.