Ginny Moon for Coterie


Two poses were created for each member

Coterie Boutique 

Project: Original Paintings and digital files of individual partners and the group as a whole for printed and online marketing and business collateral.

Time Frame: Approximately three months

When favorite Texas interior designer, Jenny Tamplin, came to me with ideas for a new business venture, I knew it was going to be something special. Jenny had partnered with friends to plan a shopping retreat, Coterie Boutique, unlike anything else. They envisioned a shop that was a social experience, and needed pictures of the founders that would capture the spirit of friendship, belonging and fun that they envisioned for the store.

Ginny Moon for coterie boutique

Drafts from the planning stage


ginny moon for coterie boutique

Artwork in use at the Boutique

Kind Words From Jenny:

...And YES, we are all three 6 ft tall 100 pounds :) :) @shopginnymoon we love you!






ginny Moon


Original Artwork is the Foundation for Every Collection

 Patterns and art are applied to fashion accessories...


 ...As well as home and gift products to make a well-rounded collection

Ginny Moon

Project: Pattern Design and Collection Development

Time Frame: One to three months


It’s important to me to create collections for the store that can grow over time, so I am careful to carry specific colors and patterns over from one season to the next.

I begin each collection by  handpainting my artwork. Every design motif, pattern element and illustration for wall art in the collection is created in pencil, ink and gouache.

I select a color palette that will coordinate with items in existing collections and be appropriate to the season. Using both Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop, paintings are digitized where needed, patterns are created in multiple colorways, and icons for products are chosen. 

Favorite elements are pulled from the artwork to become recurring icons and patterns for the collection

Patterns and art are applied to a selection of fashion, home and gift products. There is nothing more fun than seeing my designs come to life on actual merchandise. For each collection, I aim to select products that will be specifically useful and desirable during the season. 

Our custom satin skirts and Christmas greeting cards from the Winter Citrus and Bengal Bells lines 

Patterns and colorways are thoughtfully designed to coordinate with other collections, as shown in the Prairie Point Ditzy lumbar pillow, above. While shown with products from the Winter Citrus line, it is made to play well with several other collections.




Ginny Moon portrait

Custom Portrait by Ginny Moon

Family Portrait

Project: Original 11x14 Portrait

Time Frame: One week

The love this daughter had for her mother was so sweet to witness! The daughter commissioned this picture as a gift for her mom

Kind words from the Client:

IT'S SO PERFECT! I CANNOT wait to get it in! Thank you so much!



 Ginny Moon for Hello Dobson

 Ginny Moon for Hello Dobson


Two concept sketches from the planning stage

Hello Dobson

Project: Original artwork and digital files for two digitally enhanced hand drawn room illustrations, including concept art and drafts.

Time Frame: Approximately seven weeks 

You won't meet many young business women with a vision as clear and focused as Blair Dobson. Based in St. Louis, she fills her ever-expanding lifestyle brand, Hello Dobson, with color and personality.

Blair came to me needing to grow her up and coming home fabric and wallpaper line. After tossing around several ideas of how best to help her customer visualize her products in their homes, we settled on a collection of room scenes with her actual patterns added digitally to the illustrated walls and upholstery. The scenes can easily be updated with new patterns and colors when new collections are made.



Custom Portrait by Ginny Moon

Family Portrait

Project: Original 11x14 painting.

Time Frame: Four weeks 

I've had the joy of working with this sweet family twice now, and the faces of the little girls keep me smiling the whole time I paint!

The family and I worked together to create a painting of a sweet memory to surprise a very special grandmother.

Kind Words from the Client:

Ginny!!! I love it!...I'm so excited!!!




Ginny Moon for Charmajesty

Ginny Moon for Charmajesty

Ginny Moon sketches

Two initial sketches

ginny Moon for Charmajesty

We worked through several designs to ensure we got it just right


Project: Files for one hand drawn illustration, including drafts and concept art.

Time Frame: Approximately four weeks

When the mother-daughter duo of Charmajesty do something, they do it big.

Charmajesty approached me with a big idea for a big-hearted campaign that I couldn't resist! Together, we worked on a shareable piece of art to raise awareness for the prevention and treatment of breast cancer during the month of October. Charmajesty worked tirelessly to find influencers and businesses to join in, and I worked to incorporate elements from everyone involved into the picture.

mood board

From the mood board

Charmajesty's Lady L proved to be one of the most hands-on and encouraging people I've worked with. She literally bubbles over with a constant stream of creative ideas for her business- it's truly inspiring! Her excitement is contagious, and I had so much fun weaving her all ideas into the final piece.


Kind Words from Charmajesty:

...It is so beyond...you made magic!








Custom Portrait by Ginny Moon

Hearts of Style

Project: Original 11x14 painting and digital files for printed Christmas Cards.

Time Frame: Approximately two weeks 

You would be hard pressed to find a sweeter soul than Savannah at Hearts of Style! A talented stylist in Atlanta, Savannah does all her work with three wee babes in tow. She was inspired by a favorite illustration by Erisha (an equally sweet soul) to create an image for her Christmas cards that captured the joyful craziness of her life.

Kind Words from Savannah:

I am amazed! I love it so much more than I could have imagined! You are amazing and you just made my day!