Hoops, Balls and Studs: My Take on March Madness

I used to write a blog called Cute, Smart and Organized that was aimed at reminding you just how amazing you already are. The following is a post from that blog.
Gold-Earrings-March2013Alright, you've got me.  I know nothing about basketball.  Except that I've tried playing it and I'm really, really bad.  When I throw something toward the trashcan, my husband laughs and says, "Why do you even try?"
But it just so happens that I am an expert about earrings.
Impressed?  I thought you would be.
I grew up with a mother that insisted you weren't dressed without your earrings.  I can remember mornings as a kid when we were driving down the road to school and had to turn around because someone had forgotten their earrings.  "I feel naked without them," mama would say. And you wouldn't want your mama to feel naked.

I definitely have come to appreciate her advice.  There's really not an easier way to complete your look;  Put your earrings on every morning, and you'll walk out the door looking polished and ready.

Silver-Earrings-March2013Always try to keep one good pair of gold or sterling earrings.  You'll get years of use out of them, and they'll match anything.

Here are three timeless, go-with-anything styles.  Choose your favorite in a shade that flatters your skin tone, and you'll be ready from a Hot Mess day to your Sunday Best:

My Mother's Signature Look:  9mm Gold Ball Earrings  For a look that's classy, understated, and always perfect, follow the lead of the Mother of All Earring Experts.  She wouldn't steer you wrong.

For My Sister, It's Princess-Cut Diamond Studs  She's moved up a few notches from that first little microscopic pair she got as a teenager, but she's always sparkled with timelessness in diamond studs.  Regardless of size, a nice pair of diamonds or CZ's will carry you with style from the gym to a night out.

RoseGold-Earrings-March2013My All-Time Fave: 1 1/2 in Gold Hoops  Pretty yet easy-breezy, I've always liked the way hoops add a little length without being too flashy and dangle-y ( I'm sure that's a real word in earring language).  I prefer light-weight styles with a hidden-wire closure so the post doesn't show.

"Earrings light up the whole face," my mama always says.  Listen to mama.  Go get yourself one good, timeless pair of earrings to keep in your jewelry box.  After all, you're going to need something to wear while you watch all that basketball!

You are so Cute, Smart and Organized!