Summer Reading Lists

I remember the summer my mama, a teacher, decided my sister and I needed a summer reading plan to keep us sharp over the school break. Let me just say, we were less than thrilled with the whole thing.

Of course, when it was my own idea, reading always seemed like the perfect way to spend those easy-going summer days. I remember specifically the Laura Ingalls Wilder marathon summer, two different romance novel summers, and a whole lot of magazine reading in between. (Why are magazines so much more enticing in the summer?)

These hours lost in good books were the idea behind my Summer Reading List artwork that we just released. Our Summer Reading cosmetic bag and art prints feature lots of bold, splashy color and are a fun reminder of relaxing on the beach with a good book in hand.

And, continuing on the reading theme, I thought it would be fun to round up a few summer reading lists to share!

For the Boys- (Any other boy moms out there?) JM Cremps has a fun collection of books just with boys in mind.  Find it here:

For Travelers- Jetsetter magazine came up with a list of books to read by destination. See their recommendations here:

For the magazine lover- No link here, but may I suggest Southern Living, Traditional home, and allll the special seasonal home and garden editions out there every year. Summer bliss, indeed.

Here's to a wonderful summer!