Blush Peony, And The Inspiration Behind Our Newest Color Scheme

Long before Pantone placed Rose Quartz, Blue Serenity and Ultra Violet on the color radar, my grandmother painted her own world with a gentle palette of pastels. 

She was white china plates rimmed in tiny blue roses, baby blue velvet cushions, and light filtered through yards, and yards, and yards of billowy, white window sheers.

She was rosy rugs, cool sheets scattered with watercolor florals, and white walls dotted with blue transferware scenes of her beloved Scotland. 

She was flamboyant rings in aquamarine, opal and alexandrite. Periwinkle pantsuits. And truly the prettiest shade of seafoam green eyeshadow.

When I planned our Spring 2018 product line, I looked for colors that were gentle, soft and warm. I wanted shades that would wrap around you like a fluffy sweater in the winter snow, and then carry you all the way through spring. 

Always fresh, classic and ladylike, my grandmother was the color inspiration for our Blush Peony collection. I hope you'll love it as much as I do!