Three Last Minute Gift Ideas

~The advertising world generally starts running adds for last minute shopping far before I've purchased my first gift. Alas, here I am publishing a Last Minute Shopper's guide in early December. Like many home-owned businesses, our selling season has to end much sooner than bigger stores.

So, if you plan to shop for unique gifts from independent stores, consider this your heads up to check off that list before the middle of the December. 

And, if you're more like me and think last minute means after work on Christmas Eve, simply file these ideas away for when you need them later in the month.~

Simple yet thoughtful, here are three easy gifts ideas to finish of your gift list:

Recipe Cards We all have an official family history kept in our recipe box. The punch served at weddings, the cake made every birthday, and the favorite dinner you only got at your Grandparent's home are all important parts of your family's heritage that should be remembered. A handwritten collection of recipes (be sure to include the stories behind them!) tied a pretty bow make a simple gift that will be cherished.

Family Kitchen Utensils I have my grandmother's measuring spoons, my mother has her daddy's army mess kit fork (the only way to scramble eggs!) They are tiny and utilitarian, but they special to us because of who they belonged to and how they were used. Bless your family with the sweet memories brought to mind from the well-loved biscuit cutters, hand mixers and rolling pins in your home.

Re-Gift Basket Combine the ideas above for a grand gesture. Gather the recipes, a cherished cookie cutter or two, and the staples needed for one family favorite in a mixing bowl or basket, or, top a prepared dish with a pretty bow and copy of the recipe. You likely already have everything you need in your pantry for a charming, loving gift.